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VOTE FOR JASMINE NOW!! [02 Aug 2005|01:08am]


She's a finalist and if she wins, she'll be headlining a MySpace concert in LA so vote for her. Thanks in advance!

she's counting on us, so lets not let down our Princess. Keep voting, vote till ur hand is tired. This could b a seriously HUGE promo for Jasmine in terms of spreading the word bout her album. So vote vote vote.

Mahalo nui loa

U must have a Myspace page in order to vote over and over again. So get one, Support Jasmine.
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[28 Jul 2005|06:33am]

[ mood | okay ]

Hey i'm new i just met jasmine yesterday i wish i could met her today but i can't but here are my pics from yesterday.feel free to add me

jasmine from july 27Collapse )

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[15 Jul 2005|06:17pm]

LeRoid wants this on Jasmine's official MySpace, her Friendster group, Planet Jazz's forums,,, and everywhere else you can spread this to online. Put this on your blog if you want!! Please, please, please, spread the word about this...feel free to copy and paste. We want a massive turnout for these events!

Bay Area street teamers, stay tuned for further announcements in other threads and how your help is really really really needed. This is urgent and we don't have a lot of time to promote this.

Please bring your friends and family! Support Jasmine! Support Tower Records because it is one of a few retail outlets who have accepted Jasmine's album into their stores. Tower Records took a chance on Jasmine's album when others have not!




LeRoid David
Event Coordinator
ph. 415.563.0693
fax. 415.563.3016

JASMINE TRIAS Bay Area/ Las Vegas Tower Records Promotions Tour

American Idol’s 2004, Finalist and Hawaii’s own, Jasmine Trias, will have her self-titled debut album in stores July 12, 2005 (ClockWork Entertainment/ Aloha Music International). Her single “Excuses” is already #1 in the Philippines and is making waves across the markets. The album introduces an edgier, R&B sound. It features production and songwriting from Diane Warren, Vincent Herbert, and a remake by Sean “P. Diddy” Combs.

Jasmine will be in the Sacramento/ Bay Area plus Las Vegas throughout the end of July, promoting her debut album exclusively at Tower Records locations and more.

* Dates and events subject to change.

* Thursday, July 21- 5pm/ Perform & sign @Tower Records #111 (Broadway), 2500 16th Street, Sacramento, CA 95818.

* Friday, July 22- 5pm/ CD Signing @ Tower Records #113 (Watt Ave.), 2514 Watt Ave, Sacramento, CA 95821.

* Saturday, July 23- ABS-CBN Show, San Francisco @ Monster Park (aka Candlestick Park, 02 Jamestown Ave.) San Francisco, CA. Time TBD. Signing and meet and greet after performance.

* Monday, July 25- 6:30pm/ Perform & Sign @ Tower Records #126 (Mountain View) 630 San Antonio Road, Mountain View, CA 94040.

* Wednesday, July 27- 6:30pm/ Perform & Sign @ Tower Records #843 (San Mateo) 41 W. Hillsdale Blvd., San Mateo, CA 94403.

* Thursday, July 28- 6:30pm/ Perform & Sign @ Tower Records # 118 (Stonestown) 3205 20th Ave., San Francisco, CA 94132.

* Saturday, July 30- 8:00pm/ Introvoys Concert SF Show. Guest Appearance @ Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, CA. CD signing and meet and greet.

* Monday, August 1- 6:00pm/ CD Signing @ Tower Records Las Vegas WOW!, 4580 W. Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102.

For artist contact and info: Debbie Hammond, ClockWork Entertainment/


I Need More Info

If you have questions about the in-store signings, LeRoid says you may contact him using the info above. But he prefers e-mail and he asks that you send a carbon copy to me ( pat46rick[at] ) when contacting him.

If u r a Jasmine fan and live in California and want to go to one of these events, plz hit me up. I need ur Name, Phone Number, and Email address to forward to the street team leader.
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Album in stores now! [14 Jul 2005|12:23pm]

[ mood | calm ]

For those of you who don't know by now, Jasmine Trias's album is IN STORES NOW! So go get a copy and help Operation 400k become a success!

Find out more from,, and

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Jasmine Trias Fans Everywhere [13 Jun 2005|03:44am]

Hey Guys, i'm also another member of the Street team. Listen up and listen good. We the Street team and Jasmine of course need ur help. To all of Jasmine Loyal fans out there spread out through the states and other parts of the country, plz we encourage u, to go call ur local radio stations and start requesting Jasmines single, "Excuses." Currently only 20K will b distributed BUT if u guys can spare a few minutes of ur time and request ur radio stations to play "Excuses", then that will help increase the number of units that will b distributed to sell. The More u request on the radio for "excuses" the more copies of Jasmines CD will b distributed to b sold. So plz we, the Street Team and everyone at Clockworks entertainment and Jasmine Trias herself, encourages u, the fans, LOYAL and sweet fans of Jasmine Trias to start requesting Jasmine's song "Excuses" to b play on ur local radio stations.

So plz go out and request so that we can all help take Jasmine straight to Platinum. We all know that Asians can make it into the music industry, and the Jazzified Street team is determined to help Jasmine break that mold as being the very FIRST Asian to do so. So plz if u wanna help her out, start requesting her song, "Excuses." I know that Jasmine will appreciate wutever contribution u can do to help make her career a success.
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jasmine on myspace [04 May 2005|10:50pm]
Jasmine is been busy recording stuff because she's coming out with a cd in july and she's showing off her music on myspace here..

She or her management added me to the page earlier today, and i love her stuff. We still can vote for the picture cover out of 3 of them on the picture page on her myspace. I love the first and second one for the cover but that's just me.

photosCollapse )
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[20 Dec 2004|09:27pm]
Hey everyone. The community has been slacking lately, and so have I. If anyone is interested in being the new moderator of Jasmine_Fans post a comment or IM me: lalenaxo.
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update on jasmine [09 Dec 2004|12:41am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

I don't know if any of you know that jasmine
has been signed to a record label as well of still
making her first cd. Her single is called
"Love Ko To". If you want to hear it go here
I thought i should tell you since
i found out this morning. I don't know
everything that's going on but this will
be fine for now.

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[14 Nov 2004|04:21am]
Well i'm new here and i decided to come in and say hello to everyone. Where are all the people at & why doesn't any of you guys update here at all? Hmmm this is weird.

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Philippines. [13 Oct 2004|02:36pm]
[ mood | blah ]

She's here and her concert is on Saturday. I found out a few days ago that I'm related to her through Gen. Mariano Trias (who is my great grand uncle). She's on the other branch of my family free.

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[17 Jun 2004|10:33am]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey everyone! I am the new moderator of this community, thanks to the lovely Danielle (Notthatlucky). I hope you all continue to chat here.

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[08 Jun 2004|12:36pm]

I'm no longer able to be moderator of this community, so I need one or two people to step forward and volunteer to take it over, ASAP. Thanks!
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[26 May 2004|09:29pm]
I feel so sorry for Jasmine- but so excited for Fantasia and Diana. I'm watching the show now...excited to find out who's going to win. I personally now still suport Jasmine, my homegirl, and my fellow Carolinian Fantasia! You go Jazzy! You go Fantasia, girl!
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[25 May 2004|09:37am]
Should I watch American Idol tonight? I don't know what to do...I'm kind of torn between still being bitter over Jasmine's leaving and wanting to know who does better...Fantasia or Diana. Any advise?
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jasmine [24 May 2004|11:57pm]

A friend of a friend got a pic with Jasmine when she was home signing at Tower Records!

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[24 May 2004|10:51pm]

I was just watching local news here in Hawaii and they've said that Jasmine's been offered a record contract. Quiet Storm Records is offering her a $100,000 contract if she will sign exclusively with them. There hasn't been any reaction or word from her in regards to this offer. You can read the article HERE.

While the offer is nice... I think Jasmine ought to wait and hold out for a contract from a national, read, bigger and more well-known record company. Camile Velasco garnered some interest from Babyface, so I have no doubt that someone out there will want to offer Jasmine a contract, too.
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HEYHEY [23 May 2004|06:20pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Icons galore over here:

Speaking of, visit! :D

Jasmine looked the (OH-SO) prettiest ever on Wednesday's results show, when she was unfortunately booted. ;(

Anyone buy tickets to see Idols Live! on tour? I'm going to the San Jose one, holler!

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[23 May 2004|03:11pm]
Okay, it's official- I'm not watching AI anymore! As far as I'm concerned, the American Idol has been voted off. Everyone boycott it...pass on the word!
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[23 May 2004|11:03am]

[ mood | angry ]

Has anyone seen Vh1's Best Week Ever yet? If not, they have an American Idol chat thing and they were like 'American Idol's racist' Then one guy was like 'Well, Hawaii got off their asses and started madly giving phone calls' (Referring to LaToya London's loss and about Jasmine)

>>; Hell, Yea Hawaii voted for Jasmine- but not like that. Why does everyone think that Jasmine BOUGHT those votes just because she's from Hawaii. That isn't true! >>;

(Also another one that ticked me off was when this lady was like 'Well now that Jasmine is gone she can go back and perform at the Tiki Paradise in Hawaii)

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New Jazzy site! [23 May 2004|11:46am]

[ mood | sick ]

Hey yall! I just made a Jasmine fansite :). I thought I would post it here since all of us are Jasmine fans. Hope you like it :). Not everything is up yet.. but I promise it will be a great Jazzy fansite.

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